The SEVEN (7) Basic Steps To Going Solar. Only ONE (1) thing to do: Call 888-777-8589

There are SEVEN (7) Basic Steps To Going Solar.

You only need to do ONE (1) thing if you are serious about it:

**Call me and I will handle the rest**  888-777-8589

Here are the 7 steps:

1. Get a home energy checkup.
2. Complete cost-effective energy-efficient home improvements.
3. Understand your utility bills, local incentives (tax credits, rebates, etc.) and rules.
4. Explore solar system types and your available solar access.
5. Weigh buying versus leasing considerations.
6. Get proposals from several reputable, established solar system providers.
7. Analyze costs, projected savings and contracts to make the best choice for you and your home.



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